It finally happened! As many of you may remember, Daryl has been undergoing growth treatment. We had know idea what to expect or if it would even work. We certainly did not anticipate the miracle that we woke up to. Last night we went to bed as we had every other night but somehow during the night the drugs must have kicked in all at once because I awoke to find a full grown man in my bed. It freaked us both out. He has been running around like a kid on Christmas morning, I have never seen someone so happy! He’s opening and closing doors, running up and down the stairs two at a time, drove my car (I was white knuckled the whole time). The cats are terrified and haven’t come out from hiding. This is going to take some adjusting. I suppose that’s the end of Daryl 3.75 though. Thanks everyone for reading and wish us luck with this new chapter!

dsc01904bw daryl

Sometimes you just need to get away. Daryl and I decided to take a quick road trip and spend a quiet night away from the city before all of the Holiday madness sets in. As you can see Daryl has his priorities; booze and food and everything will be ok.

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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Daryl and I had so much to be thankful for. We are blessed to be able to live in the such a beautiful place surrounded by so many wonderful people.

This year we may have been a bit over ambitious with our Thanksgiving plans. We made it to 3 of the 4 Thanksgiving dinners we were invited. Sorry Malibu, the turkey defeated us! We are down for the count, see you next week when the food coma wears off!

DSC02532 copy

My badass Daryl turns out not so badass when hit with an epic flu that pummeled us this week. I’m not sure where Daryl went but I was left caring for what can only be described as a whining Aziz Ansari. Go away flu and bring Daryl home!

DSC02504 copy

Daryl and I would like to start by taking a moment to thank all the veterans and wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day! We are thankful to be in a country that has freedom to do things like this blog; that we do not live in daily fear of bombings or warfare at home. Thank you for keeping us safe.

We spent the day with a few of the great masters of visual storytelling at the Getty. What a beautiful setting for an art museum! I could have stayed forever if they let me. Even Daryl enjoyed the day up on the mountain. I think I may just make a museum regular out of him yet, well maybe.

DSC02461 copy DSC02463 copy DSC02467 copy DSC02470 copy

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and survived it in one piece. In the end Daryl and I couldn’t resist getting dressed up and hitting the bar and a party in our new city. It is always fun seeing what wild things people come up with for costumes and seeing how those costumes change people’s whole attitudes. Fun night!

DSC02484 copy

Leave it to Daryl to waist no time getting in with a local bike shop, Powerplant Choppers. He did get us invited to a killer party though, so, so far I’m all for this one.

DSC02451 copy DSC02455 copy

As for Halloween, Happy day to you all! Emphasis on the happy. Given the past was terrifying enough for multiple lifetimes, today can be a day of horror, a day of remembrance, a day to hide in dark with a bottle of booze and forget…. Daryl and I are still debating what route we are going to take tonight, but we will keep you posted. Till then stay safe and remember the zombies are gone, so any you might see tonight are not real, please don’t bash in their heads, you’ll regret it.

LA is a tricky place. You have to watch your step, you never know when you are going come across a slithering little devil. Fortunately Daryl and I have each other’s backs or things could get messy in a hurry. From pythons at the zoo, to the Viper Room, to a house party in Beverly Hills the snakes were out in full force and ready to bite. Maybe it is a good thing to have had so much practice with Walkers, a few venomous reptiles isn’t so bad.

DSC02417 copy photo 1 (2)

One of the best things about living in LA is ability to live in a city and still get out into nature and hike any time. Daryl and I, sort of inadvertently, went for a moonlit hike. We wanted to hiking, but we didn’t intend to do so much of it in the dark. As it happened though, we had beautiful views of the harvest moon to guide us home. As a reward for making it out alive and uninjured we treated ourselves to our first In-N-Out Burgers, yum!

DSC02389 copy DSC02394 copy DSC02396 copy DSC02401 copy

It has been a busy first few days in LA. We have been getting settled in our new place and taking care of business ends. Since insurance coverage is rapidly coming to an end we thought it best to stock up on Daryl’s hormone growth stimulants. Fingers crossed they kick in before they run out! Temps in the triple digits made beach day a must. Plus the beach is just fun and we are unemployed in LA so we might as well!

DSC00506 copy DSC02381 copy

After a pint or two and tearful goodbye to our Pittsburgh friends, we hit the road. It was a very long road. But, we made it and no one was harmed in the process. All cats, Daryl and I are unloaded into our new place in L.A. and we are taking some much needed time to unwind while our brains catch up. Not only do we have a pool, we have a Daryl sized one as well! He couldn’t be happier, and neither could I. Things are looking good!

DSC02360 copy DSC02366 DSC02372 copy

We have had enough, Daryl and I are breaking up with winter. Our southern blood just can’t take another seeming endless, bone chilling, grey, northern winter. Lured by the promise of warmth, we are packing up and moving to Los Angeles! Some of you might remember our trip out west last March. Well, we had such an awesome time visiting friends and making new ones we decided to ignore sanity and move to land of the glitz and the nuts.

Now it’s the hard part, packing. With boxes everywhere, the cats are not sure if we are building them an amazing fort or if something more sinister is afoot. Days on end with two cats and Daryl cooped up, this is going to be one long drive out to L.A.!

We will be on the road for a while so it may be a longer than usual before our next post, but we will be back. See you soon, and from L.A.!

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We were innocently strolling down the street today when all of the sudden we came upon human testing. Yes that’s right, Carnegie Mellon was out performing tests on the unsuspecting public. Luring them into a truck with the hopes of a few dollars and then performing mind games on the subjects once inside. Daryl, I hate to say, hopped right on up. He told me he figured at this point what was the worst that could happen? Well, he made $7 and seems to be unaltered.

DSC02316 copy DSC02320 copy

As much of a trooper as he is, Daryl does get frustrated with his shrunken state. Can you blame him? The world is just not made for a man 3.75 inches and I know he longs for old luxuries like riding his bike on the open road. The good news is he has insurance, yay! We have been talking with a few doctors trying to find a cure for the cure that shrank him and he has decided to try hormone growth stimulation injections. Scary I know, but fingers crossed!

DSC01113 DSC01122 DSC01125

Sad news. Our friend George had a motorcycle accident and passed away. I suppose that is the risk one takes when you live life on the edge. Still it makes it no less tragic when it happens. George, this one for you.

DSC01732 copy DSC01734 copy DSC01739 DSC01749 copyDSC01755


Vacation’s over, that means time to get back to the gym! Daryl joined my old crossfit gym, Integrated Fitness. Don’t let his diminutive size fool you, he’s determined to stay in top shape and works out hard with big boys.

DSC02262 copy DSC02284 copy DSC02264 copy DSC02282 copy

Daryl and I have a huge rivalry. That’s right, come game day we are enemies! Ok, so maybe that is extreme, but we do root for teams that have very strong feeling about each other and it isn’t love. As Daryl hails from Atlanta, he’s a dirty bird, ok a Falcon. I am of course a Who Dat?! Saint’s fan through and through. Yeah you right!

Today was game day. After what looked like a promising start, I am sorry to report that in OT the Falcons recovered our fumble and beat us with a field goal. I guess beers are on me tonight. Next time!


We hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day! It seemed appropriate to end the telling of our vacation on the ending of this one. So…

I awoke to find that Daryl had been busy. He’d stayed up all night paroling the Gaia’s decks and look what he caught! I guess it’s seafood for dinner.

DSC02205 copy

While Beans had the cooking underway. The rest of us teamed up on a game of Scrabble. While Daryl and I may not have had luck with our letters, strategy was on our side. Still, I hate to report we lost, but just.

DSC02230 copy

The last supper.

DSC02252 copy

As amazing and relaxing as the trip was, it’s good to be back on solid ground and back home.

DSC01904 copy

A hunter is, I guess, a hunter. While I enjoyed a pleasant day swimming and reading in the hammock, Daryl took out the dingy and went on the hunt. Whatever he brought back was delicious. The man knows how to grill.

DSC02138 copy DSC02153 copy DSC02184 copy DSC02171 copy DSC02168 copy

We woke to another busy and yet somehow not busy day aboard the Gaia. After breakfast we began by taking in all the action of the 12 Metre Regatta sailing race that happened to be occurring during our visit.

DSC02091 copy

Being on a British ship, that was of course followed by tea.

DSC01922 copy

Back on dry land, Daryl, the smooth talker he is, got us invited to a tomato tasting. Who knew there where so many varieties? Yum!

DSC01959 copy