Three Cheers for Insurance

As much of a trooper as he is, Daryl does get frustrated with his shrunken state. Can you blame him? The world is just not made for a man 3.75 inches and I know he longs for old luxuries like riding his bike on the open road. The good news is he has insurance, yay! We have been talking with a few doctors trying to find a cure for the cure that shrank him and he has decided to try hormone growth stimulation injections. Scary I know, but fingers crossed!

DSC01113 DSC01122 DSC01125


  1. Aw, I know that Daryl! He stands on my desk and provides encouragement and support during my long work days. Occasionally he offers to put an arrow through an annoying co-worker, and I politely decline, though we both know he COULD. 🙂

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