Calling It Quits

We have had enough, Daryl and I are breaking up with winter. Our southern blood just can’t take another seeming endless, bone chilling, grey, northern winter. Lured by the promise of warmth, we are packing up and moving to Los Angeles! Some of you might remember our trip out west last March. Well, we had such an awesome time visiting friends and making new ones we decided to ignore sanity and move to land of the glitz and the nuts.

Now it’s the hard part, packing. With boxes everywhere, the cats are not sure if we are building them an amazing fort or if something more sinister is afoot. Days on end with two cats and Daryl cooped up, this is going to be one long drive out to L.A.!

We will be on the road for a while so it may be a longer than usual before our next post, but we will be back. See you soon, and from L.A.!

DSC02342 copyDSC02350 copy




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