Miracles of Science

It finally happened! As many of you may remember, Daryl has been undergoing growth treatment. We had know idea what to expect or if it would even work. We certainly did not anticipate the miracle that we woke up to. Last night we went to bed as we had every other night but somehow during the night the drugs must have kicked in all at once because I awoke to find a full grown man in my bed. It freaked us both out. He has been running around like a kid on Christmas morning, I have never seen someone so happy! He’s opening and closing doors, running up and down the stairs two at a time, drove my car (I was white knuckled the whole time). The cats are terrified and haven’t come out from hiding. This is going to take some adjusting. I suppose that’s the end of Daryl 3.75 though. Thanks everyone for reading and wish us luck with this new chapter!

dsc01904bw daryl


  1. Dear Rowan,
    We will miss our Daryl stories but hope you will keep us posted on your life in Los Angeles..
    Find memories of having you both and Marla with us on GAIA this summer,
    Love to you all,
    Andrew and Beans

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks for following! It is a bit sad but it’s time to move on to the n chapter. We had such a wonderful time with you this summer, what a memorable adventure! Aa far as my life in LA is going I can report I have 3 of Andrew’s 4 essentials for a happy life and I hope to have the 4 before too much longer. As stressful as it can be, it beats Pittsburgh everyday. Hope you are both well. -Rowan

  2. Ha ha lucky you! I’m new to WordPress so only just found you 😦 Anyhow will enjoy the back catalogue of Daryl’s adventures.

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