About Everyday Life With Daryl

It will not surprise any Walking Dead fan to know that Daryl Dixon survived the zombie apocalypse. He battled his way through to DC, to the cure. The bad news, the “cure” shrank him to 3.75 inches. As I’m sure you can imagine he was none too pleased about that. It took fighting through hell to find himself and then once it was safe only be reduced to a few inches. That can really take its toll on a guy.

This blog our story of our life together. We hope you enjoy.

Rowan and Daryl


In loving memory of my best friend, my companion, my heart, my Mountain. Murdered by ignorance. I miss you every day.



  1. The loving tribute to your kitty brought tears to my eyes!!! ❤ & I've heard of ALOT of concepts like this one using different figurines (TWD & otherwise) & I love this one in particular! 🙂

    1. That’s so kind! I went through a really dark period with the events surrounding the loss of my cat. Daryl and this blog helped bring me back. I love creating it, it’s awesome people are responding so positively to it and our silly adventures.

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